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Students Participate in Regional Science and Engineering Fair

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Nearly 200 students in the area are bringing their science and engineering expertise to the table. Monday, the middle and high schoolers began setting up their projects for the Three Rivers Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

Seventh grader Lindsey Beauchamp is testing whether or not electromagnetic force can be used to launch a rocket, and it works

"I was looking into the future, how it can be used for NASA and how it would help us get farther in science," says Beauchamp.

It's a competition, according to event coordinator Paula Weaver, that challenges students in several subjects.

"It incorporates a lot of their language arts skills because they have to write, and their math skills because they're collecting data and they're analyzing it," says Weaver. "It's a great project for the students to do some real world activities and incorporate all the things they're learning in schools."

With 13 categories ranging from microbiology to botany, the projects ranged from testing reaction time to the strongest paper towel brand.

"Our samples were Bounty, Brawny, Scotch and Clear Value. The conclusion, we figured out that Bounty was the strongest paper towel," says student Sam Oswald.

More than fifty local judges working within the fields of science and engineering will evaluate the projects, giving about 20 students a chance to make it to the state competition at the end of March.