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Library Rolls Out New Career, Education Database

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If you're looking for career based knowledge, academic tips or professional improvement advice, then look no further than the Northwest Regional Library System (NRLS).  All eight libraries – located in Bay, Gulf and Liberty counties – are now offering a free service to help students and professionals get ahead.

The NRLS rolled out the Learning Express Library, an interactive online learning system, last week.  The database offers more than 800 tutorials and practice tests in a wide variety of disciplines.  "It really is a super resource," said librarian Darby Syrkin.  "It helps everyone from elementary school up to the job seeker."

Using the system, job seekers can learn how to create resumes and find tips for successful employment interviews.  Professionals can prepare for certification, licensing and aptitude tests in firefighting, law enforcement, civil service, EMS, real estate and healthcare.  Students can practice for college and graduate school admissions tests like the SAT, ACT, GMAT and LSAT.  There's even a U.S. Citizenship practice exam.

"It's available to anyone who has access to the Internet," said Robin Shader, Library Director.  "They can get that here or from home and it's available [via] remote access twenty-four hours a day."  A library card, also free with a photo ID and proof of address, is required to log in to the system.

Practice tests are timed and scored in order to simulate the real thing.  "They are very realistic," said Syrkin.  "They have all the different kinds of questions from multiple choice to fill in the blank and also some writing exercises."

"It will give the person the real experience of taking that test so it's really the best practice you can have," said Shader.  "You can set up a free account and take as many practice tests as you need to."

Many study guides are available in print, but the limited number of copies and frequency of check outs means guides aren't always available.  "The wonderful thing about this service is that as many people as want to use it at the same time can," said Shader.

Click here for a link to the Bay County Public Library website.