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Callaway Residents Call Attention to Street Safety

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Some residents who live on a street in Callaway are concerned.  They feel their street can become dangerous at times and wanted News 13 to help.  Details in this Problem Solver report.

Tammy Shields is not the only resident with concerns about Betty Louise Drive in Callaway.  She and other residents say that it seems on almost any day, "a lot of people use this as a cut through to get to old bicycle and it's not faster."

A recent accident involving one of Shields' children brings to light what can happen on any street.  A home surveillance camera captured a frightening accident.  A parked vehicle was blocking the vision of both the child and the driver.  In the video, you can see Shield's five year old son running out in the street and is struck by a car.  Thankfully, the child escaped serious injury only a scrapped knee.  The Bay County Sheriff's Office says the driver was not speeding.  No charges were filed.

Resident Kandyce Rodriguez was proactive two years ago.  She led one of two unsuccessful petition drives to have speed bumps installed on Betty Louise Drive.  Rodriguez says she later contacted the city and, "they said it was denied. They said the reason why is it would cause problems with people's cars for the speed bumps and there was no funding to have cops sit on our street.  Right now it (speed limit) is 25 miles per hour.. and everywhere else around the neighborhood it is 15."

Law officers are taking another look at that section of Betty Lousie to determine if traffic patterns have changed, if in fact speeding is a problem and if any changes should be made.

Lt. Michael Branning is Callaway substation commander with the Bay County Sheriff's Office.  He says, "The data we are collecting now is probably what they will look at when considering to decrease speed limit or place speed bumps there or take no action. Strongly encourage kids to stay out of road.  Never know when somebody will be speeding there. The road is certainly not a place to play in."

Lt. Branning says officers will continue to monitor the traffic on Betty Louise Drive.  In the meantime, the latest data will be submitted to the city of Callaway.  News 13 will let you know what happens next in a follow up report.