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Bay Educators' Wellness Center is Now Opened

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For teachers trying to fight that bug going around the area, the new Bay Educators' Wellness Center is now open for business, and as of Tuesday, taking appointments.

As a custodian at Merrit Brown Middle School, Lawrence Williams is exposed to all the bugs going around. Tuesday, Williams is seeking treatment at the brand new wellness center.

"I was happy that I could just come in as a walk-in and be taken care of," says Williams. The convenience of it, where it is...being centralized, that's what I like about it.

The new wellness center, located off of June Avenue and 15th Street, is open to all full-time employees on the Districts health insurance and those full-time employees on other health insurance along their dependents. With a Health Risk Assessment, doctors and nurses describe the clinic as preventative medicine.

"If we can maintain their level of health and improve upon that, we can keep them from becoming chronically more ill and ending up in emergency rooms where they have more impact on their lives and on their pocketbooks," says John Hipes, a nurse practitioner at the clinic.

As insurance premiums continue to rise, costing the District nearly 16 million dollars a year, the clinic will also bring a financial savings.

We know health costs continue to go up and this is a method we're going to use to help with that," says Deputy Superintendent Sandra Davis. "Instead of going on a Saturday morning or Friday evening to an emergency room, they'll be able to come here and see if its necessary to see if they need to go on to a hospital."

The clinic will be open every day expect Sundays.

In order to use the wellness center, it is required to complete a Health Risk Assessment which you can schedule online.