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MD Brashear's Impact on Black History

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NSA Panama City -

Every year during the month of February, we celebrate black history month to reflect on the past, while keeping an eye on the future.

We usually think of civil rights leaders like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr. for their roles in the movement. Heroes can be found everywhere, in your community, military bases and even families.

"You know my father was a fun loving great guy." With help from Hollywood, Chief Warrant Officer Phillip Brashear is keeping the legacy of his father, Master Diver Carl Brashear alive.

He was the center of the attention in the motion picture, Men of Honor. "To the rest of the country, he was a famous American military hero, but to me it was just dad." Brashear says.

At the Naval Support Activity's Black History Celebration, Brashear shared intimate stories of his father. "Panama City is where it's at. This base at Panama City, the home of Navy diving is where it all started. This is the start of my father's career."

Master Diver Brashear broke through the color barrier to become the first black US Navy Master Diver; honored by presidents and actors, Brashear is admired by all.

"I think he's a role model to every body, not just to his children, but to the larger society as a whole." Captain Scott Pratt says.

Unfortunately Brashear died at 75 of respiratory and heart failure, but his legacy lives on.

"It's not about African-Americans or Hispanics, or Caucasians it's about being Americans." Pratt adds.