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Students Celebrate National Digital Learning Day

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When you add the Smart Board and subtract the paper, it equals more student engagement. To recognize the importance of instructional technology in the classroom, schools across the county are celebrating National Digital Learning Day.

"You walk into a classroom and you see the Smart Board technology... You'll see the Smart Slate. You'll see a computer center where students are learning. Those are all equipped in every single classroom," says Carole Rine, principal of Merriam Cherry Street Elementary.  

For teachers, not only does it help with student engagement, but it allows them to analyze student data.

"Someone in my classroom maybe working at a 5th grade level sitting right next to someone that's working on a 7th grade level. It's an incredible tool that allows me to quickly differentiate the curriculum and get a feel for how their doing," says Morris.

For the students, they love it. "Instead of just doing it on paper, we can go up to the board and drag pieces to other pieces. It's really a privilege," says 4th grader Olivia Brown.

Principal Carole Rine also has a blog that she uses to encourage teachers to embrace technology.