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Cypress Post Office To Reduce Hours

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The United States Postal Service says with retail sales and foot traffic decreasing significantly in the recent years, they are looking for ways to find cost savings. One of those ways will go in effect for a Jackson County post office this month.

Dorothy and Walter Brown take a trip to the Cypress Post Office daily.

"Just about everyday, we mail something or pick up our mail," says the married couple, residents of Cypress.

However, this small post office is more than just part of their routine, it's a piece of Brown's childhood.

"So you grew up here in Cypress, so you've been using this post office for a while?"

"All my life," says Walter Brown.

The sentimental value combined with the fact it's located just around the corner from the Brown's residence, had them concerned when they learned back in 2011, the USPS would begin looking to study 3,700 locations for a possible closure..T

The Cypress Post Office was one of them. It's an effort to return to financial stability with a decline in mail volume and increased access to postal services via the Internet.

"My wife and I got a petition going," says Brown. "

The USPS also sent out surveys asking for community feedback which the Brown's encouraged people to fill out.

Using that community feedback, the USPS came up with strategies to try and keep these offices open. They announced last month, the Cypress Post OFfice will remain open but reduce its hours.

"It's better than closing it down for good, you know?," says Dorothy Brown.

Starting February 23rd, a postal worker will man the retail desk from 10am to noon Monday through Friday.

It means a lot for it stay to open, even though it's open for only, you know, a couple hours a day,"says Dorothy Brown. "Still, it's better than being closed for 5 days a week."

While the new hours go into effect February 23rd, the lobby where residents can access mail receptacles will remain open for 24 hours.