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Rezoning Recommendation Does Not Include Bozeman Elementary Closure

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Next Tuesday, Superintendent Bill Husfelt will make his rezoning recommendation to the Bay District School Board. Back in December, one of the suggestions was possibly closing the elementary portion of the Dean Bozeman School to deal with under-capacity schools in the area.

In his recommendation to be presented next week, Superintendent Bill Husfelt has decided to not include any closures whatsoever.

"We changed it a little bit. We're going to rezone the whole area and relieve some of the population at Bozeman," says Husfelt. "While they're only at 83 percent capacity, they only have one classroom available. They have no where for growth."

The recommendation would rezone the Tommy Smith, Southport, Deerpoint and Bozeman areas. It addresses both the under-capacity schools and the potential growth in the Lake Merial Development.

"This answers two questions. One, it prepares Bozeman for the growth if its going to happen, and two it helps bring the other schools up to a higher capacity and more efficiency. It gives Bozeman some time to see if that area is going to grow up the way they say its going to grow up," says Husfelt.

While closing the elementary portion of Bozeman is off the table, the faculty at the school says there are still a lot of unanswered questions.

Without the elementary school closure being on the superintendent's list of recommendations, obviously there will be some relief with the teachers," says Josh Balkom, principal of Dean Bozeman. "There is still some uncertainty because it is just a recommendation. Who knows how our numbers will adjust, and what that will lead to. Whether we will have a reduction in force, or what will happen."

If the recommendation is approved by the board, it will then be advertised to the public before a final vote. Also, if the new zones take effect, students can be grandfathered into their current school.