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Bay County Gun Show Draws Record Crowd

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Throughout the country, gun shows are experiencing a surge in popularity. Enthusiasts are stocking up on products that could one day be illegal.

In Bay County, that was certainly the case at the Central Panhandle Fairgrounds this weekend. This is the first show held since the gun control debate heated up.

Many people told News 13 the lines were out the door on Saturday. It was definitely packed. That was also the case Sunday, with crowds larger than the typical ones.

Barton Garrick doesn't miss a gun show in Bay County, and he's never seen one so packed. Gun Dealer Eddie Monk hasn't seen one this big either.

"It's been real busy. We've had a lot of customers, a lot of people looking to buy things, trying to get things before the price goes up or potentially certain things are not available," said Monk, owner of the Outpost in Marianna.

Monk brought his inventory to the Southern Classic Gun and Knife Show. But, with debate over gun control heating up and people looking for deals on weapons and ammunition, he and other dealers are running quite low on product.

Monk said, "when we reorder, nothing is available to get back, replace what we sold."

His stock was flying off the table Saturday and Sunday, with people buying handguns and military style weapons. Gun enthusiasts expect some change in the future, but want to take advantage of their Second Amendment rights now.

"It's the same people buying guns that buy guns at the other shows, it's just right now people are trying to stock up," said Monk.

With more products going out the door, you can't avoid the rule of supply and demand.

"we have gotten in some new items at an increased price from distributors, those prices are higher, but for anything we already had in stock, we didn't change any of those prices," said Monk.

Barton Garrick says he doesn't mind the demand just hopes people use their weapon safely.

President Barack Obama wants to update an expired assault weapons ban as a means of reducing gun violence. The National Rifle Association and millions of gun owners are strongly opposed to a ban, but many do support efforts at making it harder for criminals, terrorists, and the mentally ill to obtain guns.