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WCSO Needs Your Help To “Pin The Crook”

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The world of social media has undeniably changed how we communicate and even how we do business.

The Walton County Sheriff's office is capitalizing on social media, this time, to catch a crook.

The use of Facebook and Twitter may seem common place, but some say its revolutionized law enforcement as they publicize their most wanted, but what happens when they step outside the box to pin criminals to the corner?

With a click of the mouse, the relatively new world of Pinterest allows it's users to create a virtual corkboard of recipes and do-it-yourself photos.

It may not sound threatening, but soon the click of the mouse may be the sound that criminals fear the most.

"I hope that by incorporating social media like Pinterest, we'll get people more involved," said Walton County Sheriff's Investigator, Wendy Ammons.

Their latest social media experiment is called "Pin the Crook"; alerting pinners, as users are called, to take notice of surveillance photos from unsolved crimes.

"People seeing these photos, they may recognize these folks guilty of these crimes. Hey I know these folks they've done wrong by people and it's time they were brought to justice," said Ammons.

You could consider it a means to spread their message even further.

Investigator Randy Brown said it helps when cases grow cold.

"A lot of times without the public's help, we're dead in the water, and so without somebody sharing some information, that makes or breaks a case a lot of the times," said Brown.

Since its inception, social media has helped law enforcement solve cases in unique ways because it's started a public conversation.

 "Yes, we're here to solve crimes but a lot of times we need their help to because they are the set of eyes and ears that we some times do not have,"

Though Ammons admits it's tedious at times, she's sure social media is the new frontier of crime fighting.

This is a partnership between the Sheriff's Office and the Emerald Coast Crimestoppers.