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Second Grader Brings Inert Grenade to a Walton County Elementary School

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Walton County School District Officials errored on the side of caution after a second grader at Bay Elementary brought a novelty inert grenade to class.

The school wasn't taking any chances over student safety.

Walton School Superintendent, Carlene Anderson, alerted parents immediately as a precaution, though it was never believed the kids were in any danger.

According to Anderson, the child's parents had purchased the inert grenade at a gun show and instructed the student not to bring it to school.

However, the second grader brought the item to class and, when it was discovered, it was removed to a safe distance by the school's resource deputy.

Bay County's bomb squad was called in to confirm the grenade was not a threat.

The school was not evacuated and returned to normal within the hour, according to Anderson.

She says it's a sign of the times when something harmless has to be taken so seriously, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

The thing that we have to remember, people are fearful of recent events in our nation, not just in Walton county but across the country, and so we have to take it seriously and we have to go thought the procedures of "what if?"

No criminal charges have been filed and all disciplinary action is reserved for the school.