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Possible Revisions to School Dress Code

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What your child is allowed to wear in class could be changing for next school year. The recommended revisions to the policy are on the agenda to be advertised at Tuesday's Bay District School Board Meeting.

While the proposed revisions update a policy from 1997, the students may not notice a whole lot of change. Even the principals admit they have been relaxed on some of the current rules, but they're glad the School Board is taking a look at the policy. 

"I can see where the dress code, with the fashion the way it is, we're just more casual society," says Sandy Harrison, principal of Mosley High School. "To have a dressed code guidance, is a good thing."

Some of the changes to keep up with the times would allow scarves and cargo shorts, and at some schools, black pants.

For your jeans, the proposal would allow 'minimal embellishments.'

"To me, Rhine stones on the pockets, it's hard to find jeans that aren't stitched some how or have Rhine stones or little colored studs," says Harrison. 

The revisions would allow plain sweatshirts and hoodies, that are of school colors, accommodating  those who may not be able to afford the ones with the school design.

Another big one is students at the high school level would not have to tuck in their shirts.

"We've been more lax with the tucking in the shirt issue. For a lot of reasons, that was huge to the kids. There are kids that are overweight. There are some that are just uncomfortable tucking it in. A lot of adults don't like to tuck their shirts in, for what ever reason," says Harrison. 

For the students, while there will most likely always be something they want changed, they say these revisions are good.

"I do like the changes a lot," says Bay High School sophomore Kiera Butler. "I like that they're taking into consideration how we feel."

Principal Sandy Harrison says she wishes one of the revisions addressed wearing belts, but as of now there are now proposed revision to the belt requirement.