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BCSO Completes Traffic Study on Callaway Street

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Here is a follow-up on a News 13 Problem Solver story we brought you last week.  There is new information regarding questions over traffic on a Callaway street.

First up…a little background.  Residents of Betty Louise Drive in Callaway contacted News 13 about activity on their street.  They say some motorists use a portion of it as a shortcut to Old Bicycle Road.  Problem is…that can make traffic at times busy and too close for comfort.  They even believe some vehicles are exceeding the 25 mile per hour speed limit.

The Bay County Sheriff's Office conducted a survey of speeds and vehicle numbers recently on the street.  According to Lt. Michael Branning with the BCSO, "The data showed based on the current 25 mph speed limit...we really did not see a speeding problem.  We had a small number of vehicles that exceeded 25 mph which out of 739 vehicles the fastest vehicle was 31 mph.  So that doesn't indicate a speeding problem."  Something to consider, just seeing a detection device can cause drivers to adjust their speed. 

So, what about changing the speed limit?  Lt. Branning says, "Well I can't say we don't think it is necessary.  There are streets similar to this that are 15 and some 25 not a great deal of difference. The Sheriff's Office would not have an objection to 15 miles per hour."

Residents along Betty Louise are determined to get changes to the street.  They tell us they see the sometime speeding drivers in their area.  Michelle Sullivan who lives on Betty Louise says, "Between these 12 houses…there 24 elementary age children.  They are all out today.  I have lived here three and a half years and I can tell you my son is always supervised out here."

If a lower speed limit by the city is not approved, some residents say they are willing to buy speed bumps or speed humps themselves.  Sullivan says, "About 1200 dollars to put speed bumps between these two sections.  If it requires me to sell lemonade and brownies…I'll sell brownies and do a lemonade stand.

I spoke with Callaway City Manager Marcus Collins.  He tells me there will be more discussions on the Betty Louise traffic issues.  Collins says the city wants to work with the residents to achieve some positive results that will be a win-win for everyone.