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Jackson County Commissioners Back To Drawing Board For Constructing New Building

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Jackson County commissioners are literally at the drawing board as they look into creating a new home for the Building and Community Development department.

Their current building is need of such costly repairs, commissioners decided it would be much more cost efficient to start from scratch.

Architect Paul Donofro, Jr. showed commissioners blue prints and drawings Tuesday at a workshop.

The drawings revealed a 10,000 to 12,000 square foot new Community Development building, where the old jail used to be, with an almost 2 million dollar price tag.

The same blueprint had the proposed Administration building on a vacant lot purchased years ago, with a cost estimated at 10.8 million dollars.

This building would house those agencies and multiple other ones. It's an idea the county has had in the works for the past seven years but never fully developed due economy and cost.

"I don't think none are against building the new admin building," said commissioner Kenneth Stephens. "It's just the cost factor and that annual payment would be considerably more."

Cost plays a crucial factor in their decision.

"It all boils down to what can we afford," said commissioner Jeremy Branch during the workshop. "We know what our need is, what can we afford?"

Chairman Chuck Lockey said it's important they don't cost tax payers more money.

Therefore, they ended Tuesday's workshop with a little bit of homework.  

"Our next step is to restore our revenue sources to see what's feasible, what's affordable, without over-extending ourselves," said Stephens.

However, commissioners also proposed the idea of building both rather just one or the other. They are looking into the cost of building the proposed community development building and then a smaller administration building and creating a governmental complex. 

Commissioners will look into their funding resources and discuss those at another meeting in a few weeks, before making any decisions.