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Mexico Beach Divides Job of The Department of Public Safety Chief

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The City of Mexico Beach approved an ordinance Tuesday night that divides the job of the Department of Public Safety Chief into three separate positions. The council approved Ordinance 597 so the city will now have a police chief, a fire chief and an emergency services coordinator.

Before the change, the Chief of the Department of Public Safety oversaw all three departments, but in a December workshop, the council discussed the need to break up the role to alleviate the stress on current Chief Glen Norris.

Mayor Al Cathey said it won't cost the city any extra money.

The ordinance passed 3 to 1 with Councilman Jack Mullen absent and Councilwoman Tanya Castro voting no.

Castro told News 13 she didn't think the change made since because the three departments are small, and the city just swore in Norris.

Mayor Cathey said in light of recent problems in those departments, it's a good time for restructure.

The council also had a first reading of Ordinance 600, which if later approved, would eliminate compensation for volunteer firefighters and use those funds to purchase needed supplies and equipment.