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Walmart Preps for Grand Opening; Stocking Shelves, Changing Lives

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While the hustle and bustle of customers hasn't hit yet. Walmart associates are certainly filling the role; stocking shelves and making sure everything is in place for the stores grand opening.

Walmart employees will spend the next two to three days stocking dry groceries, then it's on to the frozen foods.

"It'll take us another two days there and then we will start receiving our general merchandise trucks," said Jennifer Ross, the store manager.

Approximately 50 trucks will be responsible for providing products that will fill empty racks.

"Every bit of the training they receive is on the job," said Ross. "Through our job placement we tried to match people where they had experience, but that's not always the case."

So, in addition to building shelves, Ross says Walmart is also building their associates from the ground up.

"I've been self employed for about 15 years," said Douglas Cantrell. "So, to me it's a welcome change to a stable growing company."

After a career change from the restaurant business, Cantrell has worked for Walmart less than a month.

"Has it really set in yet?"

"It's all fairly knew because we are still getting the store built," said Cantrell. "But, I'm looking forward to when we actually open the doors to customers."

"We are having a ball," said B.J. Buccini.

After deciding she wasn't quite ready for retirement, B.J. Buccini found herself back at work; Watching new jobs change lives.

"I think they came in looking for just a job, because of the economy," said Buccini. "And I think what they did is they walked in and found a family. They found a team. They found a support system."

"Do you think that this job to some of these people has been a life changer?"

"I know that it has," said Ross. "Just through the hiring experience, hearing their stories, and getting to know the associates. We've already seen what a steady income can do in these associates lives."

Ross says they are on time for opening their doors in March. And she looks forward to the support from the community.