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Modern Medicine: Emergency Room Check-in Kiosk

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Panama City, Fla. -

Gulf Coast Medical Center has installed a new patient kiosk check-in system.  It's similar to the check-in systems you'll see at airports.  Medical professionals say it's helping to decrease wait times.

Emergency Department Clinical Manager Scott Pennington says patients can use the computer kiosk to enter information electronically.  This eliminates the need for a sign-in sheet.

"They can come in, type in their name, their complaint and we can essentially get them into a provider a lot quicker than waiting in line at a window," explains Pennington.

Registered Nurse Stephen Johnson says the kiosk makes the check-in process easier on everyone.

He says, "We can look right on the computer screen and see what they're here for...get them right back, vital signs, and to see a physician quicker."

Pennington says there are other advantages.  "Not only do the patients get to be seen faster, it takes out a lot of clerical work from the employee as well."

Pennington expects the kiosk technology to be utilized in a lot more facilities in the future.