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Bay County Celebrates “Engineer’s Week 2013”

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Behind some of the world's greatest triumphs, from the first skyscraper to a rover on mars, there's an engineer. Here in Bay County, they are coming together to kick off Engineer's Week.

Those in attendance hoped to lead more students to the math and science field.

It's a nationwide initiative that begins right here at home and they said it's necessary to inspire future engineers today.

"Engineer's week starts on the 17th and it's important to celebrate it because engineers are tackling our most challenging problems," said Florida Engineering Society President, George Walrond.

He said the time to get started is now.

 ‘With the world population expanding, expected to grow to 10 billion in this century, there are a lot of problems we have to work on," said Walrond.

Friday's annual Engineer's Week celebration focused on the importance of math and science in our children's education.

"Our engineering societies are going to play a key role in trying to help our school systems teach science, technology and math better," said Walrond.

Special guests were the students from the award winning Bay Haven "MathCounts" team. 8th grader, Ben Lien was happy to be on a winning team, but does he see a future in engineering?

"Completely, I got into this so I could learn how to do more things like this, join these engineering programs and all that," said Ben.

For Walrond, it's important to recognize the changing face of the engineering field.

"Engineers have had a reputation of typically being the pocket protector bunch, but now we're finding engineers like the men and women that put the rover on mars, one of them had a Mohawk, they have tattoos," he said.

Now there are more women, something that encouraged budding engineer Ericka Lien.

"I think it's fantastic, I mean, there's so much to do. The world's not going to be like, "Hey, enough of this technology stuff." It's not going to stop," said Ericka.

Panama City Mayor, Greg Brudnicki signed an official proclamation declaring "Engineers Week" 2013, running February 17th through the 23rd.