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Ponce 500 Plantation Takes Root at GCSC

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In honor of 500 years of Florida history, Gulf Coast State College kicked off its Ponce 500 Plantation to recognize Florida's founder, Ponce de Leon.

The project, located along Highway 98 at the foot of the Hathaway Bridge will emphasize agriculture in Bay County. The one-year project will feature crops like sugar cane, sweet potatoes, maize, sunflowers and more. Students and community members, like Girls Inc. will help cultivate and maintain the plantation.

GCSC President Dr. Jim Kerley transformed Monday to show how this plantation will mirror that of Ponce de Leon.

"This idea will really commemorate Ponce de Leon [who] really pushed the idea of gardens and plants, and sugar cane for example, tobacco, peanuts. We're going to be able to demonstrate that here on the grounds of GCSC," says Kerley.

The Bay Soil and Water District presented a two thousand dollar check for the project.