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Jackson County 34th Annual Fed Cattle Show Teaches Life Lessons

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Weighing in over 1,300 pounds, 'BJ' the steer can be a handful. But at the end of the day, he and 13 year old Dellon Barber from Malone School are buddies. 

"It's gonna be heard to let him go," said Dellon Barber. "He's such a pet, he'll let me lay on him."

Barber raised BJ for the past 7 months. He dedicated hours of his time each day to prepare him for a win in Tuesday's 34th Annual Fed Cattle Show.

"This is the finale, this is the last show, it is a terminal show so they will be sold," said Jeffery Pittman, President of the Jackson County Cattlemen's Association, who sponsors the event. "This is the end of a long term project for the kids."

Some have compared the show to a beauty pageant. Exhibitors could be seen grooming the steer before show time. 

Overall, there were 9 exhibitors in the show. Barber won Reserve Grand Champion and his classmate, 16 year old Mary Katherine Pittman took home the Grand Champion title.

"I'm very excited," said Pittman. "Out of all the shows I've done, I've never won my county show so this is the first time for that."

This is Pittman's 8th Steer Show and just like Barber, saying good-bye to her steer, 'Black Jack', is hard.

"We're a team and he enjoys it just as much as I do," said Pittman.

Just like people, these animals have personalities and a make this experience a special one.

"He's very peculiar, he's funny, he's very funny," said Pittman.

But it's more than just a friendship, these animals impact their lives forever.

"You learn life lessons that you wouldn't learn anywhere else so you know responsibility, you know having a work ethic, the importance of taking care of something you know," said Pittman.

After the show the steer were sold to the highest bidder and that money goes to the exhibitor.

Barber said that money will go to next year's show. Pittman said that money will go towards next years show.