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Bay County Commissioners Approve Alcohol Ordinance

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A year's worth of planning will be put to the test in less than two weeks, when the first wave of spring breakers is expected to arrive in Panama City Beach.

At their Tuesday meeting, Bay County commissioners took another step toward keeping the party under control.  The board unanimously approved a prohibition on the consumption of alcohol on public right of ways and in public parking lots located within unincorporated areas of the county.  Commissioners made it clear, however, that the ban only applies to the area known as the "beaches special treatment zone" and not the county at-large.

County officials have spent the past year working with the City of Panama City Beach to make sure both are on the same page for the 2013 edition of Spring Break.  The newly amended county ordinance mirrors one already in place in the city.

"I think what we've done this year by changing several ordinances has made it where police can do their job easier and better and more efficient," said Commissioner Mike Thomas.  "It won't take so much time… trying to decide whether they're in the city or out of the city."

Some of the other measures taken over the past year dealt with parking, special events and towing.