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Blighted Mobile Home Park in St. Andrews Set for Demolition

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It's a gray and gloomy day in St. Andrews, but this soggy area at the corner of 14th street and Beck avenue is an example of the types of areas the CRA plans to clear up.

"It's a good day in St. Andrews," said Rob Rosner.  

Rosner is the Program Director of the CRA. He says this mobile home park in the heart of historic St. Andrews will soon be demolished in order to polish the area.

"The Waterfront Partnership had identified areas to be to remove the blight that has occurred over the years and that is what our goal is with the CRA is to remove blight and slum," said Rosner.  

It's an issue that Commissioner Mike Nichols has been trying to tackle since taking office.

"From probably my first week or second week in office I got emails and I got phone calls what are we going to do about the blighted area in St. Andrews," said Nichols.  

In this case, the mobile homes fit the description that the CRA and the Waterfront Partnership identified.

"This property was identified as a way to either improve the property or demolish and redevelop," said Rosner.

Property owners were receptive and a decision was made to have trailers removed from the lot.

"In working with the property owner he identified starting demolishing March 1st and have it done by April 1st," said Rosner.  

This comes as an unusual advantage for the St. Andrews area. Rosner tells me that space is hard to come by.

"We have a limited amount of land in St. Andrews. So, when we can get land to redevelop that will have a higher use, or a better use, that helps the community," said Rosner. "And we want to encourage that."

And despite the dark and rainy weather, City leaders hope that St. Andrew's future remains bright.

"So, if we have some opportunity to put some additional residents here where they can walk to the eight or nine restaurants in this area-- [that's] phenomenal," said Nichols.  

Rosner tells me the owners of the property have identified that they want to put the lot up for sale. He says anyone interested in development in St. Andrews can contact the St. Andrew Community Redevelopment Agency.