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Walton County Experiences Bridge and Road Flooding

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Rising creek beds, drains gurgling from swift moving currents and flood warnings were the common scene across Walton County after heavy rains wrecked havoc on dirt roads and low lying bridges.

Officials are urging drivers to use precaution. Their message is to find an alternate route and use your head when traveling.

Unexpected currents in flood waters can disrupt even the best drivers, putting you and your family in harms way.

"The can look at the water and guess how deep it is, but not a good idea. Vehicles get washed away and puts people in a sticky situation," said Walton County Sheriff's Investigator, Wendy Ammons.

Ammons said they have monitored the situation all weekend. Many roads went from simply wet to flooded in a matter of days.

Flooding is common occurrence in this area. When storms hit, water stands, causing backed up traffic and accidents; especially on Highway 331 through the middle of the county.The road is currently being widened; specifically, to improve safety conditions and evacuation times.

"We of course we always want people to start planning for evacuation, whether it be for a storm, or for other disasters," said Emergency Management's Valerie Angel.

Angel urged driver caution as you travel the slick roads or if you come to one that is flooded.

She asked motorists to remember one phrase: "Turn around. Don't drown."