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Expert Witness in Child Abuse Trial Arrested for Perjury

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A child abuse trial may be forever changed, after an expert witness turns up not to be an expert at all.

"The damage that was done, we will never truly know," said Investigator Albert Willis. "He claimed to be a Professor of Medicine from January of 2012 to present at the University of South Florida College of Medicine.

"That is completely false."

John Derrick Lloyd was a defense witness in the trial of Timothy Foxworth. According to police Foxworth injured his infant son causing serious and permanent injuries. But, those were not the only disturbing discoveries in the case.

"We had suspicions well before the verdict," said Willis.

During the Frye hearing it was determined that Lloyd would be an expert witness. It was during that time he submitted a resume claiming to be a Professor of Medicine at USF.

But during the actual trial, Lloyd submitted an amended resume before admitting, on the stand, he was not employed at the school.

"And that is sort of when the alarms really went off and when this investigation really started was that admission," said Willis.

Foxworth was found guilty, but investigators say Lloyd's testimony had a direct effect on his sentencing.

"If he had been found of aggravated child abuse he would be looking at 30 years," said Willis. "Being found guilty of felony child abuse his max was five years and he was sentenced to four.

"So, yes, it absolutely affected the amount of time he was sentenced to."

"It's done, it's closed," said Jennifer Hawkins with the States Attorney's Office. "He was found guilty of a lesser charge of child abuse and there is no way to go back and un-ring that bell, so to speak, and retry him."

Investigator Willis held back no emotions about the case and its affects on the department.

"It's with testimony, that you acknowledge yourself, doesn't fit reality," said Willis. "I mean so how anybody can be ok with themselves for doing something like that just.... it would be fair to say that this case does anger us."

The affects of which will never be truly known. Willis also told News13 that other jurisdictions are pursuing charges against Lloyd in similar cases.