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Flooding Continues in Washington and Jackson Counties

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The Panhandle continues to get slammed with rain, and for some, the worst may not be over yet. Several of the outlying counties are expecting at least another 2-3 inches of rain Monday night. Both Jackson and Washington Counties are keeping a close eye on the roads and rivers.

"We're look at the [Chipola] River rising to 24.3 feet by tomorrow [Tuesday] which is very quick for us," says Rodney Andreasen, director of Jackson County Emergency Management. "However, we've had a lot of rain up north so the river is already up. The ground is already saturated. All this water is just flowing in very fast and its going to make the river rise very quickly."

With five roads already closed due to flooding, Andreasen is urging caution.

"If you see a road that's under water and you do not know that road, don't cross it. Even if you do know that road, don't cross it. It made be washed out," says Andreasen.

One county over, Washington County had declared a State of Emergency. There are 6 roads closed and nearly 40 others affected by the heavy rain fall. Like Jackson County, Washington County is also concerned with the rising rivers.

"In Ebro, we expect the river to crest at 22 ft on Friday evening and that is major flood stage in Ebro," says Lynne Abel, Washington County's EOC Coordinator. "Major flood stage there is 16.5 ft, so we have residents that we're very concerned about there. We're actually coordinating with the Red Cross to open a shelter in the area.