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Dealing With Telemarketers

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They can be some of the most annoying phone calls and can happen at the most inconvenient times.  But, you can do something about telemarketers.  Details in this News 13 Problem Solver report.

It appears there is another way scammers are trying to reach you…by using the Federal Trade Commission.  The FTC says calls are being made from someone claiming to represent the National Do Not Call Registry.  They are looking for you to sign up for the registry and provide your information.  Problem is, the calls are not legitimate and you should not respond to the calls.  It is one of the latest bogus efforts from potential criminals. 

Keep this in mind…if you are the victim of repeated unwanted calls here is a source for you to check out. lists some of the current scamming phone calls across the nation.  It is a free site.  Here you can read about other bogus calls and what consumers are saying about them.  You can also write a brief note about your experience with the unwanted calls. 

You can take action to deal with this irritating problem.  First, contact the Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Attorney General's office to file complaints.  You can also make a call to your phone carrier and ask that certain consistent unknown numbers be blocked on your phone.  But  ask if there is a fee involved in this action.

Now, back to the legitimate National Do Not Call Registry.  It gives you a choice on receiving calls at home.  To add your number to the registry you can call 888-382-1222 from the phone you wish to register, or go click on "register a phone number" in the left column on the FTC Do Not Call Registry web page.  The FTC says telemarketers should stop calling once your number has been on the site for 31 days.