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Swollen Bear Creek Causes Flooding Problems

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The creeks that feed into Deer Point Lake are so swollen that they've overrun their banks and are sending millions of gallons of excess water into the reservoir.

One of the worst offenders is Bear Creek in northern Bay County.  In the area near the creek, there are road washouts, swollen ditches and impassable bridges.

It's something Dick Wassall has seen many times before at his property on North Bear Creek Road.  "There's been twenty three floods since I moved here in 1989," said Wassall.  "Some of them have been even worse than this one... although this is a doozy."

On Tuesday, water covered a section of the roadway in front of Wassall's home, as well as his entire property.  He said it came in so fast there wasn't enough time to move his belongings to higher ground.  "The force of the water wiped out everything," he said.

A couple of miles away, Ed Lee Road was pitted with washouts and the bridge over the creek was completely submerged as dawn broke.  By day's end, the closed portions of Ed Lee Road and North Bear Creek Road were open again.

It's too late for Wassall, but any Bay County residents who want to protect their home from rising water can get sand at no charge from the county's Majette Yard off John Pitts Road.