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City of Callaway Reorganizing, City Clerk Resigns

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The City of Callaway is restructuring it's city's organization. Leaders say some citizens have voiced concerns in the past that the city was "top heavy."

City Clerk Jennifer Vigil recognized reorganization was necessary for the city, and stepped down from her role at Tuesday night's meeting.

Commissioners approved a voluntary separation agreement between Vigil and the city, which will also deter any potential litigation.

Vigil will be paid an equivalent sum of her regular salary through 90 days, April 30th.

Also, at the meeting, Mayor Thomas Abbott added an additional item to the agenda. Commissioners approved that item, which will move the city clerk's responsibilities and duties to City Manager Marcus Collins.

"It's been a good experience all along so it's not a surprise. I think everything is as it should be, and you know, everything doesn't have to be sensational. I think when people do the right thing, people recognize it," said Vigil at Tuesday's meeting.

The city may look at hiring a deputy city clerk after the 90 days. The deputy city clerk could perform the basic clerk duties.