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Fast and Furious Smack Down Teaches Apps and Web Tools to Teachers

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Your phones, computers, Ipads and other digital devices continue to become a dominate medium in our lives. In school with the Bring Your Own Device Initiative, technology is enhancing the learning experience.

At the Fast and Furious Smack Down, teachers learned about more than fifty different web tools and apps. 

They're using web tools like Thinkbinder, that helps students and teachers communicate inside and outside the class room. There is even tool that puts a T-9 calculator at your finger tips

Bay District is making sure the teachers are up to speed with the latest and greatest in the digital world.

"As we learn new things and are exposed to new things, we try to share that with our teachers," says Tamra Hogue, supervisor for instructional technology. "We thought that the Fast and Furious Smack Down would be a great way to share some new apps that we have learned about."

Teachers at the seminar could not be more excited to incorporate what they've learned.

Linda Krepper"All these things that we learned today. I just cant wait to learn them. In fact, I'm thinking my college age student doesn't know some of these websites that we learned today," says Linda Krepper, an elementary teacher present at the seminar.

More than 60 teachers attended Tuesday and Wednesday's Smack Down.