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Nearly 40 Roads Remain Impacted By Flooding Throughout Jackson County

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The rain may have stopped but flood waters continue to impact Jackson county, especially the roads.

As of Wednesday night, 19 roads are closed. 20 others are impacted by water and the Jackson County Roads Department urges extreme caution when passing or recommend local traffic only.

"The road department is working long hours and overtime to try and get things repaired," said Larry Alvarez, Jackson County Engineer. 

Maridale Road isn't underwater now but flooding did leave it's mark on the newly paved roadway and the ditch right next to it.

"The vegetation hadn't been established very well so a lot of that had washed out some," said Alvarez. "Also when the base gets wet it's compromised."

Wednesday, portions of Old US Road were completely underwater, forcing motorists to turn around and seek alternative routes while others took advantage.

A family went fishing in the flooding waters and caught a bass.

The Jackson County Roads Department has been working overtime to tend to damaged roads but when they are covered in water they have to to wait for the water to recede.

However the longer the water covers the roads, the potential for damage increases.

"If it stays underwater for a period of time, the base gets wet and it gets soft," said Alvarez. "And when the traffic drives over the road with a soft base, it cracks."

Andy Davis is able to get to and from his home just fine, but the river flooding is impacting his daily exercise route.

"I have a one mile loop which will take me three quarters out, but it's way underwater," said Davis. "It will be days before I can see my walking path again."

Citizens lodge in Marianna looks more like a small lake than a park and that seemed to be the case for some of the roads throughout the county too.

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