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A Local Lego Team Heads To Orlando

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After a win at the regional competition, The Fellowship of the Brick Lego team is heading to Orlando for the state championship to show the judges what their robot can do.  When team heads to Orlando this weekend their focus will be on team work, problem solving, and helping others.

Through the combination of Legos and robotics the First Lego League teaches children the value of science and technology, Coach Phil Starke, Coach of The Fellowship of the Brick says these are not ordinary Legos.  "These use Mindstorms robotics and technic bricks which are more advanced Legos that have interconnect lock and if properly designed do not easily fall apart…they basically build a robot out of Legos that can accomplish missions on the table," Coach Starke said.

In addition to building a robot that can complete missions, the team also has to impress the judges with a senior solution.  This year the team chose to create a device called the Wondercane, which is a cane that also allows you to pick things up without bending over and hurting your back.  "I created something that not only helps other people but it's something completely unique," Lead Project organizer, Logan Bernatt said.

The team says they are prepared to present their patented product and they are looking forward to the trip to Orlando.

"We're not down there for all those theme parks we're down there for a competition," Becca Starke said.

"I want to have fun there but I would like to win it would be a dream to me," Nathan Redmond said.

"I am looking forward to seeing the faces on the judges when we show them our product," Logan Bernatt said.

If you would like to donate to help the team, click on the link in this story.