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Panama City Director of Marinas Set to Retire

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Bill Lloyd is coming up on an eight year tenure with Panama City. During his time there he has seen many changes, but the ones in the Marina's near future will have someone else behind the helm.

The moans of bow lines and echo of bay exercises are enjoyed by the typical seaside crowd at the Marina.

But don't let the calm nature and scenery fool you, Lloyd says being the Director of Marinas is a seven day a week job.

"And it's just one of the jobs that you have to be totally dedicated to," said Lloyd.  

He keeps activity in his daily routines, but he was forced to take another look at his priorities after a bout with cancer.

"And I'm fine, and everything is good, but it makes you think," said Lloyd.  

So, now he has decided this it's time..

"I'm excited about it, because I'm hoping that we will get somebody with a little less long in the tooth than me," said Lloyd. "And probably a little more excitement in looking forward to the challenges."

And by challenges Lloyd means the Marinas Revitalization project. One that is getting ready to break ground just months from now.

"It's huge," said Lloyd. "It really is. It's going to make the Marina a destination."

"Bill's a great employee and I would hope that we can get someone really strong that he can groom," said Mayor Greg Brudnicki. "And bring everything forward and make sure its a smooth transition."

Aside from concerns about infrastructure, Lloyd is staying positive.

"I think it'll be fun," said Lloyd. "I mean you know you want to have your boat up in the back of a bayou or do you want to be down in St. Petersburg Yacht Club at the pier down there?

"You want to be where the people are." 

The Marina will push onward, changing hands, but still the same crowd.

"I'm going to miss that, but like I said I'm going to be in the middle of it," said Lloyd.

The Marina project is set to start its construction this summer. As for Lloyd he says his sailboat and home in St. Andrews will keep him hanging around for a while.