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Flood Waters Force Jackson County Family Out Of Their Home

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Flood waters in Jackson County force one family out of their home leaving them discouraged and hoping for help.

Latonya Wooden is a single mother of four who has experienced flooding ever since she first moved into her home and overs the years, she's seen it progressively get worse.

"This house is a nightmare," said Wooden. "Definitely is."

For the second time, severe flooding has left its mark. Sandbags didn't keep water from seeping in on Tuesday.

Thursday, the carpet is still soaked.

"It took me four years to start buying for the house again," said Wooden. "This is the first year I started buying different things furniture and we had to get it all out."

It was an effort to save herself from déjà vu.

"In 09, I lost everything," said Wooden. "I mean everything."

With no flood insurance or FEMA assistance, Wooden was fortunate to receive help from the Baptist Association to help repair her flooded home in 2009.

However, now she's in the same boat.

"I'm not gonna try and save it again," said Wooden.

Wooden wants FEMA to step in and buy her home because she fears future heavy rains will only put her back in the same spot. Wooden says when the home was built, the land was not deemed a flood zone. In 2010, that changed. In 2012, it became classified as a wet zone.

Even though she was able to save her possessions this time feeling of discouragement still seeps in.

"I felt like there was no way out," said Wooden.

Emergency Management in Jackson County says it is still unknown whether FEMA will be stepping in at all with the recent flooding.