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Dondrell & Dondrayas Harris- Scholar Athletes of the Week

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For the past four years, the Rutherford football and baseball teams have seen double- as twins Dondrell and Dondrayas Harris double production for both squads, as well as doubling the work ethic on and off the field. The two are identical twins- there's no hiding that. From their looks, to their personalities- the two stand-out athletes mimic each other in just about everything.

"First time I've coached twins," said head coach Jon Hudson. "They're Seniors now, and they still get me. Every once in a while, I'll say Drell said something, oh, that was Drayas. The needling doesn't stop with me, they get me too."

But with as many similarities as the Harris twins share- the most significant for the Ram baseball team is the contributions they make on the field- Dondrell at shortstop, and Dondrayas in centerfield- and their success can be attributed to their never ending desire to outdo each other.

"Everything we do is a competition with us," laughed Dondrayas.

"It would get annoying if you keep losing," said Dondrell. "That's why you have to beat each other."

That competitive nature has spread to the classroom- where Dondrayas boasts a 3.4 GPA, and younger brother Dondrell holds a 3.7 GPA.

"School's a competition," said Dondrell. "My dad wanted that to be a competition between us. If it was us getting money towards grades."

"I try to lead by example, by helping these guys out," said Dondrayas. "When we leave they're going to have to step it up, and some one is going to have to take charge, and we want them to know how to take charge."

"I've never had a bad comment from any teacher about either one of those guys," said Coach Hudson. "They always tell me how respectful they are in the classroom. They really strive to do the best they can do in the classroom and on the field- and that's what every coach dreams of."

But that team effort will turn long distance next year-  as the brothers have decided to focus on different passions- Dondrayas on baseball at Gulf Coast, and Dondrell at Troy- playing his first love, football.

"It's going to be pretty weird at first, he's always been wherever I've been basically," said Dondrell.

"We still plan on having that brotherly bond, but it will be a little different," said Dondrayas. "This will help us grow up apart, and become better men."

"He'll probably call me bragging," laughed Dondrell. "We'll brag to each other a lot. It'll be a competition."

Of course it will- because even distance can't change some things.

Dondrell says he plans on being a two sport athlete at Troy, as he plans to try out for the baseball team. He told me he wants to study pharmacy because he likes to help people.

Dondrayas on the other hand says he wants to study forensic science, a subject he's always been interested in.