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Jackson County Students Could See Changes In Lunch Room; School Board Reviews Food Service Proposals

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Jackson County, Fla -

It's possible Jackson County students could get a taste of a different menu. 

The School Board of Jackson County is looking at proposals from two private food companies to operate their food service.

Every 5 years, the school board puts their food service up for re-bidding.

Tuesday, the current food company, Sodexo, and another company, Chartwells told the board why they deserve the contract.

However, the final decision will lie within a ranking committee made up of Superintendent Steve Benton, the Deputy Superintendent, the Finance Director, and the School Board Attorney.

"We will sit and review the bid that they've turned in and it's on the point system," said Superintendent Steve Benton. "And we will present to the board our recommendation of who should be awarded the contract."

Both companies were given a list of guidelines of what the board was looking for. Saving money was at the top of that list. On Thursday, the ranking committee will do just that. "Cost per meal" will make up 45 percent of that point system they will use when it comes to ranking the companies.  

This is Chartwells first time bidding for Jackson County's food service contract.

The current company, Sodexo, has operated the lunchrooms for the past 10 years.

School Board Chairman Kenneth Griffin says it's not necessarily about the food than it is about the people.

"We can never get too good at making sure our employees are being recognized for who they are and what they offer, but food wise, I see the same thing everywhere," said Griffin. "It's about cost, presentation, and people."

The ranking committee will announce their final decision to the board on Tuesday, March 19th.