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Numerous Animal Carcasses Dumped Along Highway 22

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**A note to viewers: Some images may be disturbing**

A gruesome site is discovered off Highway 22 in Callaway on Thursday; deceased animal carcasses, roughly 50 in number, were dumped at a hunting pass in individual plastic bags.

News 13 arrived first on the scene, alerting officials who tried to determine if foul play was involved.

The site was discovered Thursday by animal rescuer, Lori Brown, of Bay Wilderness Dogs in Need.

"I used to be proud of the community I lived in and every day I get more and more disgusted with the things that go on here," said Brown

She has seen her share of starved and mistreated animals, but what she discovered along Highway 22, she said, was nothing short of gruesome.

"At first it looked like a mix of wild animals and domesticated animals. Then I saw that it was skinned raccoons and possums with their fur still on. I think it's horrible. I think it's seven shades of sick," she said.

As investigators with the Bay County Sheriff's Office, Fish and Wildlife Commission and Animal Control combed the site, they ruled out foul play, but not illegal activity.

"Quite obviously this is a case of illegal dumping and so in a scenario like that, code enforcement can cite the perpetrator if they catch them in the act, it's a 200 dollar fine," said Bay County PIO, Valerie Sale.

In this case, there are no indicators to whom could be responsible; just the remnants of skinned raccoons, fish, shrimp, and possums left on the road to rot and be cleaned up by the less-than-lucky guys from Animal Control.

"Quite frankly, it sounds like their freezer may have broken and, at some point, perhaps, they had thought about consuming this as food. Rather than taking it to the dump, burying it or disposing of it in a different way, they chose to dump it's really kind of sad," said Sale.

The disposed items were collected by Animal Control and taken to the crematorium at their shelter, where the remains were disposed in the proper way.

Again, they do not believe foul play was involved, but remind everyone that illegal dumping is a punishable offense.


Brown has founded "Bay Wilderness Dogs in Need," a Facebook page dedicated to rescuing animals left on rural roads in the area.

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