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Newpoint Bay High Faces Possible Closure

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After facing a possible closure not long ago for 3 D's in a row, Newpoint Bay High is facing closure again, but for a different reason.

It makes us very disappointed," says Carla Lovett, area director for Newpoint Schools. "We were very surprised by the recommendation because things have been going so well for our school lately. "We felt like the basis for the recommendation was somewhat nebulous in terms of the concerns that they espoused."

A renewal committee is recommending to the Superintendent to not renew the school's charter, citing 'failure to meet generally accepted standards of fiscal management.'

"Well the school gave us profit and loss statements and balance sheets over various times differences, and we went back and we looked at those," says Jeff Whitton, a member of the renewal committee. "In our review, we've discovered some things that were of concern to us."

According to committee members, enrollment has dropped about 60 percent in the last three years. They also say a managing company holds a good portion of the school's money, but it does not disclose financial information and is not required to do so.

"We don't really know the financial status of that entity whether its making money or losing money. We don't know if the school is making money or losing money," says Whitton.

Newpoint says it has yearly audits and no payroll or bill concerns. While the school isn't necessarily making a profit, Newpoint Education Partners has a commitment to the success.

"From my perspective, the management company has promised to support us in the past and going forward, and they've don't that. There's a five year track record of them providing the financial supporting needed for the school.

Superintendent Bill Husfelt is accepting the committee's recommendation and is bringing it to the School Board for a vote at Tuesday's meeting.