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32 Arrested for Underage Drinking and Open House Party in Miramar

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Booze, beer, and bedlam. Fifteen girls and 17 boys were arrested by South Walton Sheriff's Deputies Monday night after authorities broke up a house party in Miramar Beach.  

"I mean, I'm sure it's an access of a million dollar home," said Major A.J. Smith with Walton County Sheriff's Office. "It is really trashed. It is going to take a lot of cleaning to fix it."

The 18 to 20 year olds had no shame in shackles, as they were taken one-by-one into custody.

"If they were in their home towns, at their home, they wouldn't act this way," said Smith. "And they definitely wouldn't treat their home this way."

From Georgia, Alabama, and even South Carolina all came to join in the fun but didn't expect their fun would be cut short.

"Actually there were so many trying to get out the back door they were stuck," said Smith.

Smith says the department took several calls from neighbors about open house parties and noise. When deputies arrived on scene it didn't take long to spot trouble.

"There were kids on the balcony, in the pool, and all had beer cans or red solo cups," said Smith.

Smith says this may seem extreme, but in the end their goal is clear.

"We probably kept some really bad things from happening by doing this and that's what we want to do we want to prevent tragedy," said Smith.

That didn't stop one from getting in one last jab.

"We'll see you in court!"

"You can count on it!," said Smith.

Two adults taken into custody were 21. They both leased the home and will be charged with open house party and giving alcohol to minors. All will be booked into the Walton County Jail and will be given the opportunity to make bond. As for the home at 110 Miami Street, all parties have been evicted from the property and gathering any belongings will be up to the homes owner.