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Future of Newpoint Bay High's Charter Remains Undecided

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After a nearly six hour Bay District School Board Meeting, the future of Newpoint Bay High School's charter remains undecided. The School Board tabled the decision after a motion not to renew the charter failed.

A Community Charter Renewal Committee recommended that the school's charter not be renewed citing "failure to meet generally accepted standards of fiscal management."

The committee along with some school board members are concerned that the there is not enough transparency between the school's finances and Newpoint Education Partners, which is the managing company.

While Newpoint Education Partners says it will guarantee the future financial support of the school, the committee is concerned that the company has not proven that it has the ability to do so because it is unwilling to present that information, and it's not required to do so. Additional concerns surround a 160 thousand dollar line of credit that the committee did not know who was responsible for.

"The heartburn that we have is, it's not transparent, and we have to function on that transparency," says School Board Member Ginger Littleton. "The fact that you have this curtain and your business doesn't disobligate, if that's a word, us to our obligation to the public."

However the CEO of Newpoint Education Partners says he's willing to guarantee the future financial support of the school.

"250 thousand dollars later, I'm still here," says CEO Marcus May. "I've supported the school. I've stood by my word. I'm willing to put it in writing this time around. Happy to do it. I will continue to do it."

When News 13 asked May about the 160 thousand dollar line of credit, May denied the interview and walked away.

A motion to accept the non-renewal recommendation failed by a three to two vote. The decision has been tabled until next Thursday, March 21 at 1:00 PM when Bay District School Board Members meet again.