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Panama City Beach Walmart Grand Opening at Pier Park

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Walmart greeters welcomed the steady flow of people coming into the new pier park store Wednesday.

"And as you can see we have a lot of excitement going on here at the store," said Store Manager Jennifer Ross.

The lines of customers keep the scanners beeping and baggers bagging.

"We went through the line pretty fast," said spring breaker Kayj Woods. "The workers are pretty good.

"I had fun coming through this store."

But this is no ordinary day. It is the store's grand opening

"Seriously, we've got everything in here!" said Mr. Colgate, a walking talking tube of toothpaste.

Its not everyday you see tubes of toothpaste or livestock. Both Mr. Colgate and Elsie the Cow made special appearances for their companies. Drawing crowds and making a lasting impression.

"We were very fortunate and excited to have her here at this one today," said Wayne Ward.

Larry Campbell, or ironically LC for short, is the jersey steer's handler.

"It's a full time job, but its an enjoyable job," said Campbell.

Both characters and Walmart's deals and steals draw massive crowds of people

"We measure transactions," said Ross. "So, we will have about 2500 transactions, but no one shops at Walmart by themselves.

"So, it could be upwards of three, four, maybe 5,000 people coming through our doors today."

Ross hopes the fun and festivities will draw people to experience Walmart all over again.

"We are just really excited to be an additional part of the Panama City Beach community," said Ross. "I would really like everybody to come our and rediscover Walmart.

The stores manager told me the store and visiting vendors will have giveaways and promotions the rest of the week until Sunday.