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EXCLUSIVE: Wrongfully Accused Shooting Suspect Speaks Out

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Blountstown, Fla. -

Authorities in Calhoun County are trying to get to the bottom of a possible shooting incident that happened early Wednesday morning. A suspect was arrested and taken in for questioning, but after three hours of interrogations, deputies couldn't link the young man to the crime.

24-year old Christopher Michael Kayser spoke EXCLUSIVELY to News 13. Kayser says when the news of his arrest began to spread, people shunned and threatened him; his friends even asked if he had gone postal.

"I was just hanging out with some friends, and my friend went to sleep, there is only one bed room there, so I was just going to walk home."

At the same time, area dispatchers were alerted of a possible shooter in the area of County Road 167 that matched his description.

911 Call (1): "I have a report that we have a shooter, shooting at vehicles."

911 Call (2): "One of the drivers stated her sister lives there and there is a guy sitting in a car and when buses and cars go by he's shooting at them."

K-9 dogs tracked Kayser. "The next thing I see is a highway patrolman coming towards me. He's got his lights on, he draws his gun, gets out and says get on the ground. I didn't have any idea what was going on." Kayser said.

Aside from hearing a helicopter above, Kayser says he tried to flag down what he thought was his former bus driver for a ride home. "I realized it wasn't him and said oh sorry wrong bus."

Calhoun County Sheriff Glenn Kimbrel was on scene shortly after and told News 13 Wednesday evening that deputies had to let him go. "We didn't have anything to link him to any criminal activity, in relation to this call that we had gotten."

But to Kayser, the damage was already done. "No one even told me what was going on. I did not understand there had been a shooting and that I was a suspect. They just kept looking at me saying that we got him, we got him. And the whole time I said, while you're sitting here letting me sit here the person that you are probably after is probably out doing something that they shouldn't be doing and they are out there getting away with it."

Kayser says the deputies apologized after they dropped him off at home and thanked him for his cooperation. However, Sheriff Kimbrel says they aren't ruling him out as a person of interest just yet and are continuing their investigation.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to call the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office at (850) 674-5049.