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Vernon's Alana Hearn- Scholar Athlete of the Week

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For many athletes, a little healthy competition breeds success. For Vernon's Alana Hearn, her competitive nature has allowed her to reach heights on the field, on the court, and in the classroom. Alana likes to stay busy. From volleyball ball season in the fall, to helping command the softball team from centerfield come spring- there's little rest for the Vernon High School senior.

"Alana is probably one of the hardest working kids I've ever had," said head coach Kayla Galloway. She'd do anything for me. She's the first one to ask for direction, the first one to lead, the last one to leave practice a lot of the time. She's just a very very hard worker."

"Doing sports has helped me be diligent in what I'm doing," said Alana. "It's made me focus on you need to do this at this time, and there's an expectation on you."

That hard work isn't just confined to the softball diamond- as Alana has been voted MVP of the Jacket volleyball team several times, and when it comes to the books, she boasts a 4.5 GPA as a dual enrolled student- racking up 40 hours on college credits.

"It's absolutely insane the amount of work she puts into her academics, and the amount of college credits she has as an athlete and as a high school student," said Coach Galloway.

"I just take it as I go and whatever time I can I devote to studying, and then everything else is sports," said Alana.

That competitive drive isn't limited to sports- as behind her academic success, Alana is set to become Vernon's Valedictorian.

"It's to the point where it's extremely competitive," laughed Alana. "Like, who got what on what test, or who has the better grades. It's nice to be able to say, wow, I did this. It's a proud moment, and you can sit there and say, I didn't sit back and do nothing- I was getting myself ready for life."

It's that next step that Alana's excited about- as after finishing up her AA at Chipola next year, she wants to head to the University of Florida, and hopefully continue athletics on the volleyball court.

"Anything she wants to do she can definitely achieve it," said Coach Galloway.

"I think that if I dedicate myself enough, I could definitely work and help out the team there," said Alana.

Dedication- because for Alana, there's never enough to be accomplished. Alana says she wants to be a doctor- either in prosthetics or nuclear medicine.