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District Explores Options to Revitalize Oscar Patterson Elementary

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The Bay District School Board is exploring options to revitalize Oscar Patterson Elementary School. One of the options takes a look at a charter school conversion.

The school has seen a drop in student enrollment of about one hundred students since the 2009-2010 school year.

With a declining student enrollment and a need to bring up a 'D' grade, the school, the District and the Patterson Oversight Committee are exploring different options. According to Carra Summers, an instructional specialist for academic options, a charter conversion would allow for more flexibility in class size, teacher hiring and area of focus.

In order to even explore this option, fifty percent of the school's parents would have to vote for the change and fifty percent of the school's teachers would too. Summers says nothing is likely to happen within the next year, but charter school conversion presents many opportunities.

"I think that many parents and families are interested in the charter school flexibility. If you are wanting to revitalize, renew and start with a fresh start and maybe spark some interest, than a charter school is the way to go," says Summers.

The Oversight Committee is researching how this and the other options will be affected by the court ordered enrollment requirements.