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Deputies Release 911 Call, Report to Monday's Crash

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West Bay, FL -

Bay County Sheriff's Deputies release the 911 call placed by airport officials in Monday's plane crash.

Airport Official: "We have a crashed aircraft. It's in the woods, 2-3 miles west of the airport. I need EMS rolling 10-18."

Operator: "Ok. Do you know how many people were on board?"

Airport Official: "Um... right now it's a banner aircraft and possibly just 1. There could be 2, but usually there's just 1."

In addition to this 911 call, a report details the minutes before the pilot, James Land, crashed in the area of Vinson Road in West Bay. Land told deputies he picked up a banner from the airport around 2 p.m. and climbed to 900 feet.

At that point, the pilot says he started losing engine power and began to make emergency landing plans, by pulling the airplane throttle back for extra fuel. However that attempt failed, so he dropped his banner and continued south until he crashed.

News 13 made contact with the plane's owner this evening, Bob Benyr who says he was in town to retrieve it from police. At this time, the FAA a will work in collaboration with the owner to conduct a formal investigation.