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Newpoint Bay High Renews for Two Years

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After two meetings of discuss, the Bay District School Board has decided to renew Newpoint Bay High's charter for another two years.

"I'm feeling great. I'm so excited," says Carla Lovett, VP of Newpoint Schools. "I'm excited for the students. Many of us were here today and got to hear the students and parents speak about how important this school is to them."

Last week a review committee supported by the superintendent made a recommendation to the board not to renew the schools charter citing "failure to meet generally accepted standards of fiscal management." The board tabled the decision to be discussed at this Thursday's meeting.

However new information surfaced regarding five total uncertified teachers, one at the high school and four at the middle school, putting the school FTE funding in question.

The school says they took immediate action. "We have never intentionally violated any statute," says Lovett. "The minute we are aware of any violation by accident or whatever, we'll take immediate action. As we have done in this case."

The motion made was to renew the charter for another two years rather than the full five to coincide with the middle school's charter. The motion, however, brought criticism from some school board members.

"Legalities were not followed for charter schools, public schools in the State of Florida. This motion is choosing to ignore what state statute says. Choosing to ignore the law, and to go off with a pat on the wrist," says School Board Member Ryan Neves.

By a close three to two vote, the School Board is giving Newpoint Bay High two more years to regroup.

"This gives the school another two years to get their house in order better, in regards to their finances, their curriculum, their enrollment," says School Board Member Steve Moss. "So that when we come back here in two years, it should be a 5-0 vote."

Newpoint is hoping to eventually combine the middle and high school under one roof to save money.