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Bay County Hosts Annual Easter Egg Hunt

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The weather made Saturday a day of hit or miss for outside activities. Some timed it just right and finished up just as the bottom fell out of the sky.

Others charged right ahead. That was the case at Bay County's annual Easter Egg Hunt.

As soon as the children took off running to find the eggs, it started pouring. However, with about 6,000 eggs and several special ones up for grabs, the children didn't seem to mind the rain.

The county's Parks and Recreation Department hosted the hunt at H. G. Harder's Park and families could bring their children to find the candy-filled eggs.

Event organizers started scattering the colorful eggs hours before the Easter bunnies gave children the go ahead to hunt.

It didn't take long for the kids to fill their baskets; some children even had overflowing.

It's was a free event for the public and also a chance for Bay County to really show the community what the county's parks have to offer.