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City Attorney Contract Tabled by Panama City Commission

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Nevin Zimmerman will be replacing the current City Attorney Rowlett Bryant after his service of 41 years.

Commissioner John Kady says his intention is to make this position as transparent as possible, as a city attorney is to be held in high regard. Kady said he wanted to make the contract language was clear.

"This is a natural part of the process where we've selected Nevin Zimmerman to be our city attorney and we are moving forward with defining the professional relationship," said Kady. "And that's really all it is, it's a matter of going through the contract because this contract is going to spell out how we interact with each other from now on."

One of Commissioner Kady's main concerns was the coupling together of the Burke Blue Hutchinson Walters & Smith PA Law Firm and Nevin Zimmerman as one entity.

He also asked the board to add a section to the contract titled notifications, which would read that Zimmerman must notify the city if he is subject to any investigation criminal, malpractice or otherwise.

"Originally, the contract, as proposed, spoke of the Burke and Blue as the group of city attorneys as which Nevin was one part," said Kady. "But, I thought it was very important that it be clear as our charter is that we are selecting Nevin as the city attorney with the assistance of Burke and Blue and that associate firm."

The contract will be amended per Assistant City Manager Jeff Brown and will be discussed at the next regularly schedule commission meeting.