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Bay County, Panama City Jenks Ave Agreement to be Amended

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A deal that involves land, money, courthouses and roadwork is now being amended by city officials.

Bay county and the city of Panama City worked out an agreement that could give the green light to several improvement projects. That agreement includes the transfer of property and the payment of a debt service on the Juvenile Justice Center.

This agreement would free up county funds for the renovation of the main courthouse and the city would use its proceeds from the deal to widen Jenks avenue and address downtown drainage issues.

But, Bay County's stipulations to widen Jenks avenue is of concern to Public Works Director Neil Fravel. Fravel says the county is now suggesting the city take over ditches that go from Jenks Avenue east to Harrison Avenue and west to State Avenue. Ditches that Fravel said have not been maintained well.

"Since we are paying almost all of the cost to upgrade this and Ken Schnell and I have had a pretty vocal disagreement about whether or not the city should have to take over all these additional ditches," said Fravel. "I would like to see those left out and we only take what's in the right of way that we are taking."

The board agreed to amend the agreement excluding the addition of outfall ditches from State Avenue to Harrison Avenue.