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Mexico Beach City Council Discusses City Clerk's Resignation

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There was a heated discussion tonight at the Mexico beach City Council workshop. The city clerk is quitting, citing a hostile work environment and some serious allegations against an elected official whom she did not mention.

Deborah McLeod wasn't at Tuesday's workshop, but earlier this month, she told the council and a room full of residents she felt it was best to step down. 

"I just feel like there's been one person in particular that I've had a hard time dealing with, and I haven't been effective at my job," said McLeod on March 12th.

In her resignation letter, she also said there has been "constant harassment and bullying by one elected official."

There isn't any official word on who that person is, but Councilwoman Tanya Castro spoke up at Tuesday's workshop.

"I consider the allegations very serious, but they're false. I have requested a complete investigation of the allegations by the city," said Castro.

City Attorney Paul Komarek says the council would need to request one but wouldn't recommend it.

"If I did recommend one, which I wouldn't, but if I did recommend one, I don't think it would be done internally," said Komarek.

Mayor Al Cathey also took the floor to discuss the issue.

"Over 150 emails were sent to Ms. McLeod from Ms. Castro. She is a, holds a respected position. She is entitled to information," said Mayor Cathey.

Castro said earlier in the meeting, "I'm going to ask for documents, and I'm going to continue to do the job that the tax payers are paying me to do."

Mayor Cathey later said there isn't anything wrong with that, but at the end of the day, McLeod told him she felt she wasn't trusted.

"In her opinion, she didn't feel comfortable in her job and no one needs to work in that environment, no one," said Mayor Cathey.

The council didn't make an official decision on whether the council will request a formal investigation.

The city has received about twelve applications for the city clerk position. The council will talk about those next Thursday.