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Spring Breakers Brave the Cold

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Spring breakers aren't baring it all in bikini's this week. Instead, they're baring the cold, in hoodies and sweatshirts.

"We were hoping for like 80 degree weather but when we wake up its been like 40's," says spring breaker Allison Blanchard.

Many come to Panama City Beach to escape the cold at home, like Jessica Brock from the University of Delaware.

"Well, it's snowing there, and it feel like it could snow here," says Brock.

The average temperature for the last week in March usually hovers in the upper 70's. However, Tuesday and Wednesday, Panama City Beach-goers are seeing highs of 55 and lows dipping into the 30's.

"We've basically been at the pool most of the time anyway's because it's not windy, but the beach is too windy," says Blanchard.

For those not brave enough for the beach, many are passing on bronzing for buying. Hy's Toggery at Pier Park is seeing a boost in business thanks to this unusual chill.

they've been coming in off the beach exploring pier park a little bit here with the cold weather which has been nice. Get out spend a little money on some clothes instead of other things they normally buy," says store manager Josh Wakstein.


Often tourist end up shopping for the warm clothes they didn't bring on vacation. Hy's Toggery says number's have been up significantly over last year.

The good news for visitors longing for the beach, Friday temperatures are expected to reach into the 70's.